Lydia Fazio Theys, Chief Writer

"To care about your ideas, your reader must first understand them."

One thing is certain—burying what makes you different in a barrage of industry words that everyone’s heard before will bury you in the ranks of your ho-hum competitors.

Lydia knows how to get to the how and the why that lives in the heart of every company's story, and write it in a way that makes people notice, understand, and want to know more.

Drawing from her Masters work in physics and astronomy at Columbia University, she uses broad analytical skills and a keen curiosity to bring a unique perspective to every project. She always seeks to understand—to know the inner workings and meaning of things—by deconstructing concepts and reassembling them into focused messages that help people see the world in new and different ways.

Lydiabelieves that good writing, like good design, is as much about what isn’t there—the negative space—as about what is.

In addition to being an expert corporate and technical writer, she is also a published author. You can find her latest fiction on Amazon.

Lydia Fazio Theys