Michael Wilson, Chief Digital Strategist

"Making knowledge tangible is the first step towards growth."

Michael Wilson is grounded in the present and keeps his eyes on the future. He will share his vast knowledge of emerging technologies to advise you and your leadership team about using these tools to your advantage. Not only will he help you manage the day-to-day through the current pandemic or other business upsets, but he will guide you as you prepare for and create the next surge of opportunity.

He is that rare breed of technologist—infinitely patient and continually willing to teach anyone how to leverage technology for competitive advantage, efficiency, and productivity. Michael firmly believes that an educated client makes for an ideal partner. He is a prolific writer on various aspects of technology, and is always reading and learning about what's coming next so he can be as strategically prepared as possible.

A New England native and University of Hartford alum, Michael has worked with business leaders around the world for over 10 years. Using virtual communication, he gives his clients the tools and knowledge they need to grow and thrive in any business environment or climate.