Nat Connacher, Leader of Visual Dialogue

"It's all about change".

As an expert in business communications for differentiation, Nat believes a visual dialogue between a company and its customers is the bridge to change.

To Nat, dialogue is based on a need to formulate and communicate a clear message, and a message that is clear is based on three principles:

  • Integrity - honesty in adhering to a set of values and an audience
  • Purpose - courage to attain announced goals
  • Passion - devotion to your aim or cause

The way in which these principles are combined and emphasized determines the intellectual and emotional intimacy of the message. In short, a strong brand message creates a strong business.

Nat helps clients create new and flexible connection points with audiences that overcome the visible and invisible barriers that can come from different cultures, ages, locations, and languages. For over 25 years, he has developed a variety of corporate identity and branding programs, investor relations communications, advertising, direct marketing, and website development for companies including Apple, Celera Genomics Corporation, Gartner Group, Pfizer, AT&T, Toronto Hospital Foundation, and IBM. He graduated Yale University with an MFA in Graphic Design.

Nat Connacher