Olga Fernandez, President

“The 'why' unlocks the door to opportunity."

Olga is driven to know not only how her clients came to found or operate their businesses, but also and most importantly why. She is insatiably curious about what lies beneath the surface, and believes that at the root of every “why” is a true differentiation that can elevate a business and create abundance.

A deep listener and expert synthesizer, Olga helps clients uncover and leverage their unique value to free them from wasting time and energy on the wrong activities and customers—the kind that can hold them back from manifesting their full potential.

She is passionate about helping clients articulate and activate their, “why” as unique, vibrant, business-building brands that transform value into limitless opportunity.

With 20 years of experience in differentiation, branding and marketing—working on both sides of the desk as an internal CMO and external consultant—Olga understands what her clients have at stake, and is a staunch client advocate. She recognizes the untapped potential of each leader and company she works with, and values relationship above all else as the bedrock of life.

Olga has supported numerous brands including Aetna, United Illuminating, Cigna, Verizon, Bristol-Myers Squibb, UPS, and Lutheran Medical Center / NYULangone.