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Know exactly how to find and attract people who can buy from you.

Sheep Don't Bark will create a customized, data-based report to help you shorten your sales cycle and improve your results.

Our team will analyze your sales direction and marketing content, and create a customized report that will show you:

  • How your current sales messaging is performing in the market
  • Where you rank compared to your competitors
  • Where your greatest opportunities for lead generation and sales growth exist
  • What you need to say to attract people who can buy from you

Ideal for business owners, sales teams, marketing managers and anyone responsible for generating revenue and growth for their company.

Take the guesswork out of blogging, ads, promotions, pitches and presentations. Gain the insight and clarity needed to measurably improve your marketing and sales performance.

$1,200 includes:

  • Initial consultation between you and our team
  • Customized report containing the analysis and opportunities
  • 60 minute Zoom review of data collected and initial recommendations
  • PDF of the report