Hone skills and improve your chances for leadership and growth.

Rapidly improve your organization’s sales success. Dramatically increase your team’s ability to generate new ideas to take your organization higher. Learn new and best practices to secure your vital digital systems.

All programs are delivered remotely, interactive, and highly productive.


75 Minutes to YES: Jump start your team’s abilities to remove barriers to sales. Discover the root cause to your sales difficulty and build an action step to break through to Yes.

Unapologetically Innovative

A 90-minute, fast-paced, interactive workshop to instantly increase your team’s Innovation Quotient and confidence. Learn how to propagate and support an internal culture of innovation.

Creativity on Demand

A 90-minute high octane, interactive workshop designed to instantly fire up your internal idea generation engine. We'll teach you how to generate problem-solving and growth-stimulating ideas on demand!

Cybersecurity 101

Cybersecurity 101 aims to teach anyone, not just what to do in order to be more secure, but why those steps are important. Your team will walk away with an understanding of how criminals take advantage of people online, and will be better able to protect themselves and their businesses.

Sheep Don't Bark is available for leading workshops or for making keynote presentations at professional business symposiums, association or organization meetings, conventions, or public or private corporate events.