PullAhead: 75 Minutes to More Sales

PullAhead is Sheep Don't Bark’s proprietary, 75-minute, rapid-fire sales generator program designed to help you remove barriers to sales.

Most sales failures are caused by two things:

  1. A lack of differentiation, and
  2. Initiating conversations based on what is being sold rather than seeking to build relationships based on listening for what the prospect truly needs.

Worse, companies who lack a reputation as a leader or valuable resource often must resort to short-term competitive tactics such as lowering prices. Those tactics never stimulate and support long-term client relationships, and always bring disappointing results.

PullAhead is a 75-minute program designed to help business leaders:

  • Identify the root cause of a sales barrier, and
  • Develop a more effective method to resolve the issue and close the sale.

Think about it this way: You can continue to compete like all your other competitors and keep getting the same results. Or, you can invest 75 minutes and discover new options to help you position yourself as the trusted resource.