Leverage data to know you’re always heading in the right direction

Making great decisions starts with having information you can trust. Only then can you truly claim and hold your unique space in the market, and grow.

Analytics for Lead Generation: Your most predictive competitive advantage.

Take three minutes and ask yourself these questions:

How well do you maximize the opportunities your content creates?

Using analytics properly can provide you answers to the deepest questions about your relationship with your clients and the public such as:

  • What does Google consider you to be the "authority" on?
  • How did the pandemic shift your prospects’ and customers’ search and buying behavior?
  • What can you do right now to increase the likelihood that a new visitor to your site today will return in the next 30 days?

Are you truly competing online or merely managing traffic?

Knowing how you are “performing online" is only half of the story. The other more critical half is knowing what content your competitors are putting online and how you can benefit from it.

  • What conversation are your competitors trying to lead and own?
  • Which weaknesses in your competitors' content can you parlay into your strengths?
  • What content can you create to elevate your leadership and authority position?

Do you use your content to aggressively steal market share ?

Competing is one thing. Stealing market share is the bigger game. By engaging in deep-dive digital listening, tracking and predicting trends, and monitoring online behaviors, you can:

  • Align with top tier influencers to generate visibility and out-rank others
  • Divert attention away from competitors' content and motivate visits to your website
  • Create events and offers that generate high levels of engagement

Can you accurately quantify the impact of your marketing investment?

Organizations that lack great analytics are flying blind and cannot measure the performance of their marketing dollars. With data that provides a complete picture, you'll be able to:

  • Confidently replicate the strategies that generate the greatest returns
  • Make informed budgeting decisions that you can justify to your management or shareholders
  • Build sound strategies based predictive knowledge

It's a huge advantage having Sheep Don’t Bark continually monitor and interpret our analytics. Now, we are able to apply new insights to each month's strategy session to improve the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns and expand our digital footprint.

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