Strategy for Differentiation + Action:
Attract the customers you really want

We can help you pinpoint, activate, and leverage your value for better sales performance.

How much time and money would you save if you could stop responding to RFQs and competing on price, and turn down business from clients who are merely looking for a vendor?

How much shorter could your sales cycle be if you knew, exactly, your best prospects' needs and how to elevate them?

What would change if you became the trusted resource your clients relied upon?

Let's team up and:

  • Articulate why and how your offering is different, better, and worth paying more for
  • Inspire and engage your employees and stakeholders to uphold and bring your unique value to life every day.
  • Build a responsive, and effective lead generation program centered on what's most relevant to the customers you want to attract.
  • Inspire and motivate your ideal customers to seek you out and buy from you.

“Working with Olga completely reshaped our thinking about what we actually provide to our clients. We realized we needed to focus our offerings to emphasize the improvements we help our clients achieve. Building our Value Anchors was transformative – it set our sales foundation. Our work with her provided a new level of grounded confidence and energy from which to speak about our work. The uptick in our business is measurable!”

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