HR professionals,

  • Get quoted in the media.
  • Reach influencers and prospects.
  • Grow your HR firm or enhance your HR career.
  • Attract and retain clients.

Introducing HR Clout, a public relations program exclusively for HR pros.

Whether you're an HR firm, solo practitioner, or HR pro moving up the ladder, we can help you get your name in the media.

With over 20 years of proven PR experience, we get HR professionals like you quoted in the media to generate business-building visibility.

Our HR clients have been quoted in top-tier publications, including: Forbes, US News & World Report, MSN, Arianna Huffington's Thrive Global, Jim Cramer's The Street, Reader's Digest, Business News Daily,, Ladders, CareerBuilder, Glassdoor, Yahoo Finance, Chicago Tribune, and more, including international, national, and local media. We also get our HR clients quoted in articles published by SHRM, HR Digest and HRCI.

“You got me quoted in Reader's Digest and MSN, and now I'm quoted in an international business publication.”

Carol L. Kardas, SPHR, CCP, SHRM-SCP

7 Advantages of getting your name, and your HR firm, in the media.

  1. Clout – Getting your name in the media demonstrates that you are a credible industry expert and authority. Credibility is key to pulling in new business. Prospects are more likely to trust and pay higher fees to those recognized as an authority. Getting quoted in the media proves you have experience and knowledge—and can offer and create value.
  2. Reach – When an article that quotes you is picked up and shared by multiple news outlets, your name is exposed to an audience far greater than you can grow on your own. Being quoted in the media will help you expand your network and engage new prospects who have influence in the marketplace. And keep you visible when prospects are ready to buy.
  3. Cost-effective – Being quoted in an article is an economical way to reach new prospects as well as to reinforce to your clients that you are an authority and thought leader. It confirms to your clients that they made the right choice by hiring you. And it makes them want to come back to you for more.
  4. Relevant – Getting quoted in the media only happens when you are relevant and have something of interest or value to say. Proving you are interesting and relevant gives prospects and clients the desire to hear more about what you know, and to learn how you can help them. Being quoted keeps your name top-of-mind.
  5. Visibility – Being quoted in the media can improve your SEO and ranking. When prospects search for you and your firm, they are likely to find articles in which you were quoted high in the list of hits. They will be able to see your posts and to learn when and where you are speaking, who you work for, and the impact you create.
  6. Employee Relations – Getting your name and your HR firm's name in the media can improve morale in your company. It makes your employees proud, gives them authentic “bragging” points, and inspires them to be their best. It also helps attract top-notch talent and inspires people to want to be associated with you and your firm.
  7. Exponential Opportunities – When you are quoted in the media, social media can turbo charge your exposure and connect you with vast numbers of influencers. It can put you in numerous places at one time and exponentially expand the number of potential opportunities available to you. The more you are quoted, the more opportunity you will create.

"Working with Jim to provide content for a national SHRM article was a great experience. Jim was encouraging while also realistic in his approach and advice as it related to the information I was providing. Knowing that the chances of actually being quoted may have been slim, it was such a great surprise that almost all of the contribution/narratives I wrote for the article were used and directly quoted. With this being my first PR opportunity I felt both humbled and proud."

Turkessa Antrum, SCP, SPHR
President, HRACC

TIP: 3 essentials BEFORE you're quoted in the news.

  1. Get your database organized.
  2. Take a fresh look at your LinkedIn and company Facebook page, and update.
  3. See if your website allows for news on your home page

(We can help you with all of these essentials, so you are ready to get maximum visibility.)

“Appreciate you finding the opportunity for me to be quoted in articles published by HRCI and SHRM, and especially for getting my name in Forbes. The topic of the Forbes article is a critical issue right now in HR. Glad I was included.”

Leesa Schipani, SHRM-SCP

Limited-time trial offer for HR firms, solo HR practitioners, and HR professionals who want to boost their careers.

HR Firm

$495 /month
  • 1-2 subject matter experts from your firm

Solo HR

$249 /month
  • Solo HR practitioner

HR Pro

$125 /month
  • An HR pro employed by an organization

GUARANTEE: If you are not quoted in the media within the agreement timeframe, and you are actively submitting PR opportunity responses, we will extend the agreement for another two consecutive months at no cost to you.

This offer is for a five-month trial period, payable in advance. Offer expires 12/31/2020 or when seats are full.

“Wow, I'm quoted in The Chicago Tribune, Yahoo Finance, Jim Cramer's The and Microsoft News Money. People can write articles all day long but without someone like you to ensure the content gets exposure, it doesn't mean a thing! Thank you so very much for all you do.”

Andy Thiede, SPHR, SHRM-SCP